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social media training in ponidcherry

Be the Social Media Expert!

This course will give you a professional understanding of social media marketing tactics, strategies and global best-practice principles. We will show you how to get to grips with social media by getting hands on with the tools you need to maximise your social media efforts.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, this course provides the freedom to learn independently, but with full support. You will benefit from weekly chat sessions, a dedicated Course Coordinator and an expert Knowledge Officer just an email or phone call away.

You will learn how social media can work for your business and how to promote your brand more effectively online.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this online course you’ll gain the skills to:

  • Create a social media strategy.
  • Understand the main principles of social media by getting hands on with a range of tools; Facebook for networking, blogs for content marketing, Twitter for news and more.
  • Create and develop content that drives engagement and action.
  • Leverage paid media to reach a targeted audience.
  • Measure and report on campaigns, user engagement, and objectives.

Why should I take this course?

This course is ideal for digital marketers, Brand Managers, PR executives or content marketers who want to gain a professional understanding of social media marketing and are looking to increase brand awareness, sales and conversions through social media marketing techniques.

Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Social Media

  • Explain how social media integrates with other channels
  • Justify the need for social media in any business and how to demonstrate ROI
  • List the business objectives social media can help you achieve

Module 2: Strategy and Planning

  • Set clear, SMART marketing objectives
  • Select platforms based on audience and brand needs
  • Identify the differences between major platforms
  • Optimise brand presence on major social media platforms

Module 3: Implementation: Content (delivered over 2 weeks)

  • Explain content marketing
  • Develop a content marketing plan
  • Create optimised content for major social media platforms.

Module 4: Paid Advertising on Social Media (delivered over 2 weeks)

  • Explain the objectives, ad types, and targeting options available on major social media platforms
  • Place your adverts on social media

Module 5: Implementation: Community Relationship Management

  • Create a community management strategy
  • Conduct reputation management strategies
  • Set up social media for customer service

Module 6: Reporting and Analytics

  • Draw on different methods of calculating social media ROI
  • Track, measure and optimise social media performance

Module 7: Social Media

  • Learn the best ways to engage with audiences on the main social channels
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Create best-practice social ads

Module 8: Optimizing

  • Discover how to choose the right test for specific goals and purposes
  • Perform conversion optimisation step by step to improve marketing efforts
  • Understand the basics of how to approach Google Analytics and some other analytics platforms


Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet, Email & Website Surfing
Academic: 10+2 or higher, should be proficient in English

Course Duration

1 Month

Course Fee

Rs. 8,000/- for one time payment
Rs. 10,000/- in two installments

How this course work?

The course is completely entirely online on the Zoom Conference. The course involves:

  • 8 modules (1 per week)
  • 8 assignments (1 per week, mix of quizzes and written questions)
  • 1 research project (completed over the duration of the course)
  • 6 hours of study per week (including reading the course notes, further research and assignments)
  • The first week is dedicated to familiarising yourself with the online learning platform (virtual classroom) and meet the team that’ll support you during this upskilling process. Then in weeks 2-10, you’ll start delving into the learning modules.

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